Where Are We Going (radio remix)

Different instruments inspired different songs.

This one is a good example.

It was written with my Octave Mandolin.
There is a somber tone in this instrument unmatched by any guitar.

Since I wrote it I played it a few times on an acoustic guitar, but it feels more at home on the octave mandolin or the Irish Bouzouki.

The original version is longer and it is the one I like to play live.

But for Radio play it was way too long. So I made it a shorter song for radio play.
It was a great exercise in trimming down the lyrics.
It was a painful process! It is so hard to remove some of the lyrics when you feel they are needed for the song!
I cut down four short verses and a pre-chorus.
However, once done, it made the song more concise.

So now I have the choice between two versions to fit any situations!

Check out the MP3 for this on my Where Are We Going (radio remix) Music Page