Meet Me on the East Side

I was experimenting playing with 2 capos. One on the six string, one half capo on only 3 strings.
The half capo is interesting as it allows me to play above and below the capo.
Since that day, it has become an integral part of my guitar playing.

Then I detuned the bass string so he would blend with the basic key I was hearing from the open strings.
A double stop riff emerged, harmonized in fourth. I liked it as it sounded a bit oriental.
It is now the key sonic element in the chorus.

This song sounds best on my LG2 guitar. It has a special shimmering ring that is perfect for the riff.
Add to this a doubling on the Mandolin and I was heading home with that song!

Check out the MP3 for this on my Meet Me on the East Side Music Page