Yesterday we were fine
Overjoyed with love on our mind
so sure that the sun would always shine

We were getting along
Like the music and words in a song
Our spirit soaring invincible and strong

Nothing could have gone wrong between us,
We were just untouchable
We were built from steel and made to last

That was yesterday’s life
I don’t know what’s happened in time
Surely now we’re falling off cloud nine
Where are we going?

CHORUS Where are we going? I don’t know
Are we traveling on a road to nowhere?
Can we turn around and find our way
Back to the crossroad between joy and bliss?
Where are we going?
There’s no more sun today
The rain has washed it away
Drowning our memories of yesterday

Suddenly strong winds
Blew away the last thread of our dream
Scattering remains of what had been

Even if we tried to patch things up,
It would never be the same
Not without the magic that we lost

Every now and then
We catch a glimpse of what love meant
Leaving us with desire and a bitter end
Where are we going?


So many directions and ways to go
Most of them heading for disaster
We must set our sight on one straight road
But how do we know which one is meant for us?
Where are we going?

CHORUS, Where are we going? Where are we going?