Sometimes you care, sometimes you don’t
I know you love me but you won’t
What makes you think that I should go
Just when I want you in my arms?
Don’t push me back, I mean no harm
To fuel my love I need a spark
So please don’t keep me in the dark
You’re never kind, you’re always cold
You make me shiver thru my bones
But I will love you till I’m gone
Like the morning dew welcomes the sun.
Let my love surround you
let your tears run dry and then be gone
Open up your heart … To my …
Like the blooming rose outshines the thorn
let my love surround you
It’s plain to see, your healing has begun
So, Open up your heart …. To my …
       Open up your heart …. To my …
       Open up your heart …. To my love
                           (Instrumental break)
What happened to you way back when?
Did you get hurt by your best friend?
You never talk about your past
Like u were born just yesterday
No matter why, I’m here to stay