Today I feel so much alive
I want to smile and laugh, more than anything
I hold the world right in my hand
It’s like eternal spring, I can do anything
Nothing can’t stop me, I am bold
I want to seize the day and make my dream come true
I want to love you every day
Make you feel the way I do, and be with you
My love is bigger than the mighty ocean
Come sail with me to the land of joy
My love is brighter than the shimmering blue sea
Come swim with me, don’t be coy
Let me love you, Let me love you, Let me love you
Oh oh oh oh
My life gets better every day
There’s nothing I would change, I’m living up my dream
Being with you is all I need
You are my shining star, my favorite sin
You light me up just like the sun
That never stops to shine during a summer day
You are the rainbow in my sky
My angel in disguise, my holy Grail